top 10 CrossFit grips

Best CrossFit Grips for Your Workout!

Raise your hand if you have spent perhaps several hours on YouTube watching what happens when CrossFit athletes lose their grip while doing an exercise and come crashing down on their skulls. Call it a guilty love.  It is estimated … Read more

How Often Should I Go to the Gym?

How Often Should I Go to the Gym?

Are you confused about how often to go to the gym? Judging by the volume of Google searches for this question, it seems that many people are. The answer is quite simple: You should go to the gym as often … Read more

Best Bodybuilding Supplements for Diabetics

Weight training is a great way to both prevent and alleviate illness. It improves one’s overall sense of well-being and prolongs life. A study conducted in 2012 found unequivocal evidence that physical activity was inversely associated with cardiovascular disease and overall … Read more