A Complete Orgain Organic Protein Review

In the past, I’ve provided my readers with an article about the best protein powders for weight gain currently on the market. In that article, I reminded you that fitness and weight training enthusiasts might use protein powders for weight gain but also for weight loss or as a quick way to round out their everyday diet. 

There is a benefit to a protein powder that can offer multiple solutions, and that is what we’ll look at in this Orgain Organic Protein review.

This product serves as an ideal “on the go” option for nutritional needs as well as a smoothie booster and is touted for other benefits. It is described as an excellent supplement to help build up your lean muscle mass, as a pre or post-workout supplement, and for muscle recovery. In my opinion, Orgain is one of best organic protein powders for weight loss.

That is a lot to promise, so we’re going to dig into the product and look at the following aspects of Orgain Organic Protein:

  • Macros
  • Protein Source
  • Mixability
  • Flavor
  • Other Features (i.e., is it soy-free, kosher, and so on?)


In this Orgain Organic Protein review, the critical element is just how much protein you get from a single scoop or serving. If you have looked at protein powders and their macro profiles, you may be feeling a bit skeptical. 

One of the most valuable bits of information you can take from this review, however, is that each serving (two scoops) provides you with 21 grams of protein. 

This product has a relatively low carbohydrate profile, with 13 grams total and only 1 gram of sugar. The rest breaks down to 5 grams of sugar alcohol and 5 grams of dietary fiber. That may not be within the window that some need, but for the most part, it is a significantly low figure. Fat is also a favorable aspect of Orgain Organic Protein because it is capped at 4 grams per serving, with zero saturated and trans fats to worry about.

And for those worried about sodium, this powder has only 5% of the RDA (125mg) in each serving and is entirely cholesterol-free!

Protein Source

Another bit of good information you can get from this review of Orgain Organic Protein is the simple fact that this product is plant-based. That means it has no risks of upsetting the digestion of those with lactose issues or with sensitivities to dairy-based foods. Of course, such benefits are in addition to the fact that plant proteins can help with weight loss by increasing fiber, providing all 20 essential amino acids, and coming with a low caloric profile.


If you are already a protein powder advocate and use it on a daily or regular basis, you know the struggle of getting it to blend with liquid, break down, and be easily mixable. What’s worse than chugging a protein drink only to get a mouthful of clumped-together powder?! 

This powder is noted for its high mixability, even with plain water. Give it a good shake or a few pulses in the blender, and the powder disperses into the fluid and mixes quickly and thoroughly.


You probably think that this segment of the Orgain Organic Protein review is going to introduce the “downsides” or “cons” to the use of the powder. You’ll be happy to know that this is not the case. Orgain Organic Protein powder is made with a lot of whole-food ingredients and comes in ten flavors, including cookies and cream, vanilla bean, regular chocolate, as well as a chocolate fudge flavor. 

Most protein powder buyers will be happy to hear that the flavoring is subtle because it is made with all-natural ingredients. So, instead of an intensely overwhelming fudge flavor, there is more of a light touch. This makes it great for blending with fruits, particularly bananas, but also with greens if you want to boost nutrients and fiber along with protein.

Other Features

Of course, anyone with food sensitivities or a preference for natural or eco-friendly foods will be happy to discover some interesting details about Orgain Organic Protein. First, it is not only plant-based but gluten-free as well! It has no soy products, is vegan, and is entirely GMO-free.

This is a certified kosher product and blends well with water (as noted) but also dairy and nut milks. It features proteins from chia, peas, and brown rice, which are all easy to digest.

All of which makes this powder perfect for the avid bodybuilder or fitness buff as well as anyone eager to gain or lose weight during their training regimen. Many of you reading this review will be happy to discover that this product is safe for adults and children and can be a great meal replacement or sneaky addition to a smoothie meant to boost nutrient intake. 

In Conclusion

Orgain Organic Protein powder is a rare bird in the world of protein powders in that it meets both the weight-gain and the weight-loss criteria. If you are a hard weight gainer, however, it may not pack the caloric punch you want. At only 150 calories per serving, it is not in the range many may want, but it is still a useful resource to have in your fitness tool kit.

Before ending this review, we do need to speak about the price per serving since the cost is a significant factor for many who use nutrient supplements. Orgain Organic Protein powder comes in at roughly $1 to $1.50 per serving, which is less expensive than many of the competitors.

If you are eager to use an organic, nutrient-dense, and widely effective protein powder as part of your daily routine or to boost the diet of your family, this one is safe for all ages; it blends and tastes well and brings the benefits of natural plant proteins in every serving. It is a good all-around option for almost any consumer.

Where to buy 

Orgain Organic is available at many stores, but the lowest price I found was on Amazon.com. The prices will vary from time to time, so I’ve included a button below that will link to the cheapest price on Amazon. Enjoy!


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