Best Cardio Machine for Home Use

In the struggle for slender shapes, many people start to go on a diet. Unfortunately, we are not talking about proper nutrition. Poor diet exhausts the body and leads to a lack of nutrients. Yes, thinners manage to get rid of extra pounds, if they do not “go off the track.”

After the switch to the usual ration, as a rule, lost weight returns. What is the conclusion? Diets should be supplements with proper nutrition and sport. It is not necessary to spend all your free time with the coach doing physical exercises. You can get rid of excess weight at home with the help of special sports equipment.

All types of cardio equipment allow the use of different exercises and programs, and during training you do not need to focus on what moves to make, which allows you to combine work on the equipment with watching TV or listening to your music. Before you decide which is the best weight loss machine to use at home, you need to make a final decision about your priorities.

For some, the main problem is king overweigh. For others, they simply fear the appearance of cellulite on their hips. And some women want to tighten their buttocks. 

There are three categories of home fitness equipment: weights, cardio machines, and compact exercise equipment. While the former are usually used by athletes and the latter are unable to provide the right level of directional exercise, cardio equipment is one of the most popular and well-suited to mass consumption.

So let’s figure out the best machines/tools for beginners to keep their shapes tight.

Best Treadmill for Home Gyms 

Many experts believe that a treadmill is the most effective weight loss machine at home. And for women who lead a sedentary life, it is simply a must-have. 

This home weight loss machine can replace walking and jogging, but in walking mode, be ready for a relatively small amount of calories burned. Inclusion of running in your training program (usually in the initial or final stages) for at least 10 minutes will dramatically increase the efficiency of this equipment.

Wearing a warm tracksuit, thermal underwear, or wrapping up problem areas with the polyethylene film will have an even greater effect, but this should be done with caution. Also, consuming water during exercises is essential to prevent dehydration of the body which is fraught with serious stress on the cardiovascular system.

It’s best to start your training with a simple walk, imitating the daily stroll, but the most effective way to lose weight is running. Up to 700 calories can be lost in a single hour of vigorous exercise, as almost all muscles work intensively, so the whole body slims down, and breathing becomes as deep as possible, which has a positive effect on the lungs and cardiovascular system. Some put weighting agents on their arms and legs to increase the load.

Most treadmills are equipped with computers that help regulate the load, running speed and pulse control. 

The only disadvantage of this sports device is its high price and large size. For home workouts, treadmills are not suitable for everyone, as in the case of a stepper – these types of machines cannot be recommended for people with foot and knee problems. 

If you are overweight, the first run will be difficult, but don’t give up. Start with walking, smoothly raising the platform (increasing the angle of inclination). As you lose weight, you need to add speed and increase training time. A mix of a light long run and walking upwards will allow you to say goodbye to excess weight.

Here are our picks for the top 3 treadmills to use at home:

XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill Black
  • Large 16" X 50" Walking/running surface
  • Large 5 inch LCD display is easy to read and keeps you updated on speed, incline, time, distance, calories, and pulse
  • Speed range 0. 5 -10 MPH allows for users of all fitness levels.Pull the knob to release the deck to fold or unfold
  • 12 preset programs offer unmatched variety for your workouts
  • 3 Manual incline settings allow for maximum variety. Side rails: plastic. Belt: 1 ply, 1. 4mm
OppsDecor Under Desk Treadmill 2in1 Walking Running Machine Electric Treadmill...
  • 【Walking & Running Treadmill】Unlike normal treadmill, this treadmill can be used 2 ways. It becomes to under desk treadmill when the handrail does not rise, the highest speed is 4kmh, you can make a soft walk; It becomes to running treadmill just raise the handrail, the highest speed is 12kmh, you can running as normally. Whether you want to walk slowly or run fast, it will satisfy you.
  • 【Shock Absorption Running Belt & Space-Saver】Frame is made of high quality steel, anti-slip anti-static lawn texture belt, multi-layer composite belt provides useful cushioning for ankle, back and knee joints which gives you excellent experience of running. Compact , foldable, and wheels on the treadmill make the treadmill easier to put away after use. It only at 5” tall when folding, you could store it in your living room, study, a small corner or under the bed. Ideal for exercise fitness and
  • 【Quiet & Power】The treadmill base has a high-quality, ultra quiet 2.25HP Motor that lets you walk and work without disturbing others. LED display computer tracks Time, Speed, Calories burned and Distance. You can be more productive, tone your muscles, burn more calories, and feel less tired. Imagine logging several miles and thousands of steps everyday!
  • 【Bluetooth Speaker & Phone Bracket & Remote Controller】Treadmill comes with remote control, It can be adjust speed or stop the treadmill. Treadmill can be connected phone with bluetooth, play music when running & walking , or watch movie by treadmill phone holder. It comes with built in safety key to ensure instant shut-off under emergency situation.
  • 【Service】Our products are all in US warehouse, you can receive it soon. We offer you 100% satisfaction to let you buy with confidence. Friendly Customer Service. We are quite sure that you will be super-impressed with DURABILITY, PORTABILITY and HIGH QUALITY of our treadmill.

Best Elliptical Machine for Home Gym 

The majority of experts consider the elliptical machine to be an effect, low compact expertise machine. It tones large groups of muscles of the upper and lower body due to which the calories burn faster (around 700 kcal in 1 hour of training), trains the cardio system, and is easy to use.

During ellipsoidal training, the possibility of traumatizing the spine and knees is minimal, as all movements are made on a smooth elliptical trajectory. The trainer is equipped with manual levers which allow you to evenly develop both arm muscles and shoulder girdle. This option will be ideal for those users who have serious problems with excess weight and joints. 

Considering all the possible factors, this elliptical machine can really be called the most successful cardio equipment, proving that it is enough to make smooth cyclic movements to tone the muscles. Besides, ellipsoidal training is a great warm-up after a working day. 


  • Strengthens abs and lower body muscles.
  • Increases skin elasticity and firmness.
  • Even weight loss in all areas.
  • Almost all muscle groups are involved.
  • Combines an exercise bike, a treadmill, and a stepper.
  • Burns a sufficient amount of fat deposits.
  • Diverse workouts. 

Here is our top pick for the best elliptical machine to use in your home.

Best Exercise Bike For Your Home Gym

This is one of my favorites machines to use in my home. The sitting position limits the number of muscles occupied by the workout. However, the load is still distributed more smoothly and evenly than, for example, on “walking” machines, which means that the risk of injury is lower. Basically, the muscles of the lower limbs are involved in the training process, so it’s possible to get rid of excess cellulite and fat in the buttocks/thighs faster.

Generally, it is really a good cardio machine that distributes the load evenly among most muscle groups. Many people who want to lose weight buy this very unit. It does not take up much space compared to a treadmill and ellipticals, is easy to use, and the prices do not bite.

An hour of intensive training on such a machine will burn about 500 kcal. The main load during training is on the back and legs. Therefore, people with the main problems in the lower part of the body are recommended to choose such a machine.

Pay attention to the models with automatic resistance adjustment. The built-in computer will be able to monitor the load capacity and adjust programs depending on the “rider’s” activity.


  • Workout load adjustment possibility. 
  • Relatively compact dimensions.
  • Seat height adjustment. 
  • Excellent anaerobic characteristics.

Here is our top pick for the best exercise bike to use in your home.

Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary 330 Lbs Weight Capacity- Indoor Cycling Bike...
  • Stable Indoor Bike-Cyclace exercise bicycle provides a stable, quiet and safe cycling. Equipped with thickened steel, triangular frame, 36lbs flywheel and belt driven system, can support to 330lbs and is smoother than chain. A good choice for home gym.
  • Effective Exercise Bike- More down at less time. Riding can burn fat quickly, build core muscles and strengthen heart, but reduce injuries. Multi-grip handlebar, with adjustable resistance, our stationary bike meets the needs of beginners to professionals.
  • Personalized Stationary Bike- A full adjustable indoor machine for family use. A longer adjustable seat support post, 2-way adjustable non-slip handlebar and 4-way seat for people (inseam 28-39”) to use. Wheels help you to move the cycle bike easily.
  • Easier to Stick to Workout- The LCD monitor tracks your time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer while you are cycling. Put you phone on the holder to watch videos. Comfortable seat cushion allows you to ride for longer time.
  • What You Get- Not only an exercise bikes, but also your sport life and good partner!

Best Spin Bike For Your Home Gym

A kind of cycling machine which resembles a ride on a sports bike. Due to this, it distributes the load more evenly and shapes the whole body. The difference between a regular stationary bike is that the riding position here is the same as on a professional bike. Riding can be done both standing and sitting.

Check out this great spin bike!

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary - Cycle Bike with Ipad Mount...
  • 【Smooth Stationery Bike】35lbs flywheel and heavy-duty steel frame of the exercise bike guarantee the stability while cycling. The belt driven system provides a smoother and quieter ride than chain transport. It won't disturb your apartment neighbors or sleeping kids.
  • 【Personalized Fit Exercise Bike】2-ways adjustable non-slip handlebar, 4-ways padded seat (inseam height 25-35in) and a large range of resistance give users a comfortable indoor riding experience. Workout your muscles / lose weight / enhance heart /lung function. 270 lbs weight capacity.
  • 【LCD Monitor and Ipad Mount】The LCD monitor on exercise bike tracks your time, speed, distance, calories burned and odometer. The gift Ipad holder allows you to enjoy exercising and music at the same time, making it easier to keep exercising.
  • 【Safe to Use】The adjustable cage pedals on spinning bike protects you from a fast ride. Press the resistance bar to stop the flywheel immediately. The water bottle holder allows you to replenish water in time. Transport wheels help you easily move this cycle machine. All parts are protected and your little baby can't reach them.
  • 【What You Get】A YOSUDA exercise bike, all tools and instructions are in the package. Online instruction video can help you complete the assembly within 30 minutes.

Best Orbitrack For Your Home Gym

It’s pretty much like an elliptical machine (has no seat as well). This one simulates walking and running with zero impact on knees and joints. Move the handgrips and “walk”, burning 820 calories an hour and building muscles at the same time. 10 Minutes of workout on this machine is 300% more effective than 10 minutes of walking. Total body workout!

Here is a great Orbitrack to use at home.

Body Rider Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike with Seat and Easy Computer /...
  • 2-in-1 Patented Elliptical Motion Design Technology
  • Use as Elliptical Trainer or Exercise Bike
  • Seat Adjusts Vertically and Horizontally
  • High momentum fan blades for a fluid workout
  • Tension easily adjusts with the turn of a knob

Best Steeper To Use at Home 

If there is no free space in the apartment, and you want to lose weight, then you need to choose the most compact exercise machine. A stepper is sports equipment of modest size, but its miniature parameters do not affect the results of the training which can be compared with walking up the stairs. The effect is not that big, plus, some find this machine pretty traumatic.

There are many models of this device – compact ones for training at home and bulky machines that usually “dwell” in fitness clubs. The principle of operation of large and small steppers is roughly the same. The main load of exercise is on the lower body (legs, hips).

If you are not lazy, keep the pace of training and you will burn 500 kcal per hour.  When you buy this device you should pay special attention to its stability. People who have problems with their feet and knees should avoid it. 

Here is the top rated Steeper on Amazon

Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands
  • TRACK YOUR FITNESS: LCD monitor measures the steps time total and calories, making your exercise more reasonable and effective
  • TOTAL BODY: Equipped with removable training bands this high-quality stepper tightens over 20 different core muscles and using low-impact aerobic exercise to help tone your chest back and shoulders
  • HYDRAULIC DRIVE SYSTEM: Built with a hydraulic drive system this workout machine provides a smooth stepping motion
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: Height adjustment knob adjusts the step motion height for either short bursts or long steps
  • WIDE NON-SLIP PEDALS: Large textured foot plates ensure a solid, non-slip footing Height range will decrease with each counter-clockwise turn

Best Rowing Machine for Home Use 

Now this one is a challenge for your hands, abs, hips, shoulders, and back. During an hour of training on a rowing machine, you will be able to burn about 600-700 kcal but using it is definitely not easy. Because of the difficulty and complexity of the exercises, it is probably the most effective weight loss exerciser.

The “rowing” involves a large group of muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time which results in significant weight loss. This cardio equipment allows you to feel like a real rower on his way to a dream. Each muscle is activated, fat burns and the skin tightens. 

Many beginners often bypass a rowing machine, thereby making a huge mistake, being afraid of wide shoulders which are not “suitable” for every type of female figure. Anyway, it is this machine that allows you to lose weight as quickly as possible. With the correct technique and regular training, your hands will not increase in size. On the contrary, there will be an increase in skin elasticity and lifting of upper body muscles. 


  • Good upper body load.
  • Relatively compact size. 
  • The fastest way to lose extra pounds. 


  • High cost. 
  • No leg load. 
  • Heavy load for the lungs and heart. 
  • Training process sameness.  

This rowing machine has received countless great reviews on

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower with LCD Monitor
  • DIGITAL MONITOR: The large LCD console displays time, count, calories, total count, and scan. The convenient scan mode displays your progress to assist you in tracking all your fitness goals.
  • EXTRA LONG SLIDE RAIL: At 48 inches in slide rail length, and 44 inches in inseam length, the SF-RW5515 can accommodate rowers nearly any size.
  • ADJUSTABLE MAGNETIC RESISTANCE: With a simple twist, you can increase or decrease the 8 levels of magnetic resistance, so your workout can remain challenging and effective throughout your fitness journey.
  • TRANSPORTATION WHEELS: Built-in transportation wheels for easy portability. Simply tilt and roll out for use or away for storage, no need for heavy lifting or muscle strain.
  • NON-SLIP FOOT PEDALS: Textured non-slip foot pedals will ensure safe footing during the most demanding and vigorous workouts. Foot straps keep your feet saddled with so you can focus on the workout without feeling unbalanced.

Exercise Bench 

You can tighten your abs and back muscles using a simple exercise bench. It’s is a very compact exerciser which will help everyone to do known and simple exercises correctly and, thus, effectively. Tightened belly will help you feel confident on the beach or wearing stylish shortened tops.

Finer Form Gym Quality Adjustable Workout Bench, Utility Bench, Flat Bench,...
  • STABLE, STRONG and SUPPORTIVE: Constructed from high-grade, powder-coated steel, built to support up to 660 lbs. Adjustable bench has the strength and durability to handle your hardest workouts.
  • WORKS as a FLAT BENCH, INCLINE BENCH, or UPRIGHT EXERCISE BENCH: Enjoy a 48 inch cushion length that fully supports larger frames. The perfect exercise bench for home.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE BENCH to YOUR BODY HEIGHT: With 3 seat adjustments and 6 back adjustments, you can set this gym bench to fit your specific body type for the exercises.
  • SIMPLE TO MOVE, STORE and ROLL AWAY: Wheels make this adjustable weight bench simple to move and store. Just lift from the front of the gym bench, then roll it to the most convenient space for you
  • BUILT FOR DOZENS OF EXERCISES: Workout bench adjustable to work abdominals, or to do dumbbell upright rows. Use it as an incline bench for bench presses, or flies.

Best Ballet Barre for Your Home Gym

If your goals list, apart from weight loss and beautiful shape, also includes dancing, then you should pay attention to another simple device for stretching. After all, a good dancer and bad stretching are incompatible things.

To increase your muscles’ plasticity or a recovery speed after heavy loads, you need to stretch. This will make your dancing more professional. Such a machine is an essential attribute of any self-respected dancer.

According to this website, the design is similar to parallel bars which differ in length and height in different barres. Such sports equipment is used for dancing, leg and arm stretches, studying various dance moves, and strengthening muscles. The most important factor in choosing a ballet barre is its safety.

The construction is calculated (or at least should be calculated) with extreme accuracy – the right support is chosen, all the loads are estimated, and reliable materials are selected. So be careful, otherwise, the machine can do more harm and problems than good.  A reliable machine can serve for decades, that’s why there are no trifles when installing it. 

These stretching exercises are designed specifically for dancers, to influence the most popular and often used in dance muscle groups: back thigh muscles, ankles, calves, hips (front/back), pelvic, and meniscus ligaments.

And finally, here is our top pick:

Vita Vibe Boost Series 4 FT Double Aluminum Freestanding Ballet Barre...
  • 12 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Sure Grip Rubber Feet
  • Fully Height Adjustable
  • Lightweight and Portable


Here’s a table of approximate calorie consumption for these types of cardio equipment: 

  • Treadmill (running) – 750-800 kcal/hour. 
  • Treadmill (walking) – 250-500 kcal/hour. 
  • Stepper – 650-700 kcal/hour. 
  • Rowing machine – 550-700 kcal/hour. 
  • Elliptical – 500-650 kcal/hour. 
  • Stationary bike – 450-550 kcal/hour. 

At regular exercises following positive changes in an organism are observed:

  • Metabolism acceleration.
  • Excretory system normalization.
  • Increased endurance.
  • Aging process decrease.
  • Stimulation of cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

After studying the above recommendations, decide which exercise equipment is the best for losing weight in your case. Keep your body in shape in the right way. Hopefully, the information presented in the article will be enough for you to choose the best exercise equipment for weight loss according to your health condition and other factors.

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