Best CrossFit Grips for Your Workout!

Raise your hand if you have spent perhaps several hours on YouTube watching what happens when CrossFit athletes lose their grip while doing an exercise and come crashing down on their skulls. Call it a guilty love. 

It is estimated that there are more than 13,000 CrossFit gyms nowadays in over 100 countries. If each gym has an average of 300 members, then the number of CrossFitters just from these places alone is… a lot. (Math is sometimes hard with large numbers.) And this does not even take into account the number of people that are doing CrossFit outside of these designated gyms. 

If you are interested in starting a CrossFit workout routine or just want to continue with the one you are on, it would be best if you found the best grips you can for these exercises. If you would rather risk it and forgo the grips, just be sure to have a video camera recording you while working out so the rest of us can enjoy when things go horribly wrong. 

What Exactly Is CrossFit and Why Is Everybody Jumping on Board?


CrossFit exercise is defined as constantly varying, functional movements executed at high intensity. If you have witnessed a group of CrossFitters working out together at the various stations, you realize there is little time for rest as everybody is hopping about from exercise to exercise. It is as if all the athletes have taken triple the dosage of their pre-workout powder and are sometimes literally bouncing off the walls. 

The exercises are supposed to equal what a normal person would encounter throughout their day. It takes all aspects of fitness and sports and cherry-picks the most effective that are applicable in everyday life.  The movements mimic those many of us do on a regular basis, such as carrying groceries, picking up a baby, and climbing stairs. (Except for kipping pull-ups. Who the hell knows what movement those are supposed to duplicate? Perhaps the fish out of water movement?) 

It then combines these movements with the aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, and cardio in an effort to provide people with a workout regimen they can get behind. And, basically, that is what it is all about. If CrossFit is getting people off the couch and into the world of health and fitness, then the better we all are for it. 

Don’t Forget the Gear

Whether you are doing CrossFit, biking, or performing strongman exercises, most people like to have the right gear needed for the job. For instance, you wouldn’t bring out a hammer when you need a screwdriver. So why would you show up for CrossFit wearing a pair of old batting gloves that you used to wear during high school softball in PE? 

If you are new to the world of CrossFit, you may have noticed some of the more experienced athletes at your gym wearing special gloves or handgrips during CrossFit training that are specifically made for the most common CrossFit exercises. They can be especially useful in protecting the hands when lifting weights, using a pull-up bar, or those gymnastic rings that will fool you into thinking you are competing for the last spot in the Olympics. 

If you think CrossFit grips can be beneficial in your exercise routine and save you from suffering a concussion or broken foot and are wondering which you should purchase, here is a list of some of the ones that come highly recommended.

Top CrossFit Grips Reviewed!

1. Bear Komplex 3 Hole Hand Grips

These may be slightly more expensive than other grips, but their comfort and durability make them worth the investment. The wrist strap will come in handy and the gloves themselves will keep you from getting those blisters that seem to take forever to heal as you perform CrossFit every other day. Plus, the name of the product is sure to be etched into your memory forever as it is perhaps one of the worst names ever created probably by someone who believes in their genius a bit too much. 

The Bear Komplex 3 Hole Hand Grips are recommended for those who incorporate a lot of gymnastics into their routines. 

Here are some reasons why you will love them: 

  • They are made of a thick, grippy leather material. If you have played baseball or softball, think of pine tar for grip.  
  • They are triple stitched for added strength so they don’t fall apart on you during your first workout.
  • The wrist strap is designed not to chafe your wrist. After all, nobody likes chafed wrists.
  • They are available with two or three finger holes. Choose the one that offers the coverage you require and makes you most feel like a superhero. Or a bowler. 

2. JerkFit WODies Full Palm Protection

Remember what was said up above for a comically poor name for a product? JerkFit WODies could be right up there, too. Somewhere there is a George Costanza joke just waiting to get out. 

These three-finger grips may be made of the best synthetic material of all the CrossFit grips on the market. They are also on the pricey side but here are some reasons why we think they are one of your best options.

  • They are made from a durable, high grip woven neoprene-likee elastic. What does that mean? They stick well to whatever you wrap your hands around.
  • They have sewn seams around the edge to prevent warping and tearing. This feature also helps the material retain its shape. 
  • The elastic Velcro closure offers wrist support. Velcro is needed for these types of gloves so you can adjust and readjust quickly. Plus, you will get bonus points if you are wearing Velcro shoes as well. 
  • They offer maximum protection to the hand and a great grip.
  • These would be excellent to use for just about any workout, not just for CrossFit exercises. 

3. RooGrips 2 Hole Hand Grips

RooGrips 2 Hole Hand GripsThese are some of the most expensive on our list, but their thin, durable leather sets them apart from the rest. They are extremely simplistic in nature, but there are those CrossFit gurus that swear by them. Here are some reasons why they may be a worthwhile investment.

  • The durable yet thin leather material allows you to feel the bar as you exercise. So if you want protection from getting your hands torn up without feeling like you are wearing winter gloves, these could be for you.
  • They are exceptionally comfortable as they really are barely there on your hands.
  • Their design makes them perfect for hanging, pull up bars, gym rings, and lifting. 

Bear Komplex 2 Hole Gymnastic Grips

Bear Komplex makes many of the best grips and this two-hole version is no exception. They are all in on CrossFit and you can bet they are trying these grips for hundreds of workouts before making them available to the public. Here are some reasons we feel they make the cut.

  • Their adjustable wrist strap buckles for easy closure.
  • The finger holes are cut in an ergonomic shape that hugs the base of the finger without causing discomfort. 
  • They are made from soft, yet durable, leather. They can take a good beating through your workout.  
  • They are grippy making them perfect for kipping and pull bar work. 
  • They come in an X-small size that is ideal for youth that are interested in starting CrossFit now so they can dominate the sport later on when they are older. Or maybe these grips are just for adults with really small hands. 

4. PICSIL 2 Hole Grips

These 2 hole grips are pricier than some but they are a great value for the money. Here is why they are a terrific choice:

  • Their patented fabric is soft to the touch, light, flexible, and washable. Little hint: If you can ever wash your workout equipment, you should do so.
  • They are 1.8mm thick making them durable and resistant to friction. 
  • They feature high-quality Velcro straps that make for a high resistance seal which is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. And you can rest assured, as everybody is jumping from station to station and sweating on the equipment, antibacterial is a very good thing.

5. X PICSIL 2 & 3 Hole Falcon Grips

If you are a fan of the Picsil Rx Grips (also known as Carbon Fiber Grips) you might want to check out these Falcon grips. They are an evolution of the older model, plus it will just feel pretty awesome to tell your buddies that you are wearing Falcon grips. Read on to find out what’s new with these next-generation grips. 

  • The Falcon grips are made of the same material as the previous models, but they include a 0.08mm layer for added softness. 
  • They offer superior resistance.
  • They are made of a patented material for maximum durability.
  • Their high-quality Velcro strap is guaranteed to secure grips in place during physical activity. 
  • They are rather inexpensive when compared to many of the others. 

6. Bear Grips Titanium Grips

You know when the word “grips” appears twice in the name of the product that they mean business. The name Titanium Bear Grips leaves these grips with big shoes to fill. As everyone knows, titanium is almost half the weight of steel but just as strong as even the strongest steel you will find. Too bad we can’t get grips made out of the stuff they used to create Wolverine’s indestructible claws. Here are some of the high points about the Bear Grips Titanium Grips. 

  • These grips are advertised as being 60% thinner and softer than other grips. They are thin enough so you can feel the bar but thick enough to protect your hands. 
  • They feature durable one-piece construction. 
  • They have built-in wrist padding for a comfortable fit.
  • They are perfect for kipping, pull ups, Olympic rings, power cleans, and more. 

7. Bear Komplex Black Diamond 3 Hole Hand Grips

There’s a reason why the Bear Komplex name comes up on our list again and again. They are known for quality in the CrossFit world. These hand grips feature a price that makes them top of the line. Let’s find out if they are worth the higher price tag.

    • The synthetic material offers the grippiest grips and it is tough and durable.
    • The wrist strap features a reinforced neoprene layer for extra comfort.
    • Holes stretch with use to adjust to wider fingers.
    • Free carabiner included with purchase so you are less likely to lose these.

8. Power King 2 Hole Carbon Hand Grips

These grips are recommended for gymnastics, pull ups, and weight lifting so they should work very well for the average CrossFit athlete. Let’s find out what makes them so versatile.

  • They can be folded down, so they are easily transportable. 
  • Their adjustable wrist strap provides optimal comfort and support.
  • They are made of carbon fiber which allows the grip to conform to your hands.
  • They are durable and offer maximum grip.

If you do CrossFit, the right grips are important otherwise your blistered and bleeding hands will be a detriment to your workouts. Plus, try going out on a date when your hands look like they just came out of a meat grinder. Not the biggest turn on. 

There is a very good chance that 90 percent of all the people at your CrossFit gym wear some sort of grips or gloves. They protect your hands and reduce slipping to make workouts safer. It is probably past time you get on board or replace the older ones that you currently use.

While these are a few of our own recommendations for grips, perhaps you are fond of another that works well for you. However, don’t just keep this information to yourself. What brand are you committed to and why?

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Best CrossFit Grips for Your Workout!