Best Supplements to Get Ripped in 4 Weeks | Scientifically Proven (2019)

Taking supplements can be a safe and effective way to get ripped. With so much dangerous advice floating around the web, I decided to research and compile a list of the safest and most powerful weight loss supplements. All ingredients have been thoroughly examined and researched. Every company is claiming they produce the best supplements to get you ripped. And the majority are flat out lying. Here is the honest truth.

In a rush? Here are our top 5 picks!

Top Rated!
Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner
Evlution Nutrition Trans4orm
Nutratech Atrafen Pro-3 in 1 Stimulant Free Fat Burner
LEAN PM Night Time Fat Burner, Sleep Aid Supplement, & Appetite Suppressant
VINTAGE BURN Fat Burner - The First Muscle-Preserving Fat Burner Thermogenic...
Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner - Weight Loss Supplement, Appetite Suppressant,...
Evlution Nutrition Trans4orm Thermogenic Energizing Fat Burner Supplement,...
Nutratech Atrafen Pro-3 in 1 Stimulant Free Fat Burner Diet Pill Blend Provides...
LEAN PM Night Time Fat Burner, Sleep Aid Supplement, & Appetite Suppressant for...
Top Rated!
VINTAGE BURN Fat Burner - The First Muscle-Preserving Fat Burner Thermogenic...
Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner
Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner - Weight Loss Supplement, Appetite Suppressant,...
Evlution Nutrition Trans4orm
Evlution Nutrition Trans4orm Thermogenic Energizing Fat Burner Supplement,...
Nutratech Atrafen Pro-3 in 1 Stimulant Free Fat Burner
Nutratech Atrafen Pro-3 in 1 Stimulant Free Fat Burner Diet Pill Blend Provides...
LEAN PM Night Time Fat Burner, Sleep Aid Supplement, & Appetite Suppressant
LEAN PM Night Time Fat Burner, Sleep Aid Supplement, & Appetite Suppressant for...

Fat Burners

If your looking to get ripped relatively quickly (in about 4 weeks time), fat burners are a great option. But you must insure that your nutritional needs are met. This should come, first and foremost, from a well balanced diet. If your diet is lacking, you could supplement with protein powders, but I highly suggest you focus on eating properly first. Lets first look at fat burners.

How Do Fat Burners Work?

Understanding how fat burners work will help you pick the right one. Fat burners work via three general mechanisms— appetite suppression, thermogenesis, and blocking nutrient absorption. Later we will discuss the ingredients responsible for these effects and explain exactly how to use fat burners.

Appetite Suppression

The majority of fat burners work by reducing your appetite and making you feel less hungry. These are great for people whose appetites never seem satisfied. Some people may eat to cope with emotional stress. Others may simply love eating. In any case, controlling your food intake can be difficult. Appetite suppressants typically work by regulating the activity of two key hormones— ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin works to increase your appetite and leptin works to decrease it. Other appetite suppressors work by regulating the release of the “feel-good” neurotransmitters. In 2010, researchers found that those in a good mood were more likely to make positive food choices and to avoid bad temptations (20).


The most common mechanism utilized by fat burners is thermogenesis, the production of heat in the body. Our metabolism is constantly working to break down nutrients to produce ATP, the energy currency of the body. This energy is used to maintain thousands of biological functions such as breathing and repairing cells. Everyone requires different amounts of calories to produce enough energy. This amount is known as your base metabolic rate. Thermogenic supplements increase your bodies temperature which raises your metabolic rate and allows you to burn more fat. The four most common thermogenic ingredients are raspberry ketones, caffeine, green coffee bean extract, and green tea extract. Supplements that contain these ingredients will absolutely get you ripped!

Blocking Nutrient Absorption

While appetite suppressants make you feel full so that you consume less calories, nutrient blockers work by blocking the uptake of specific nutrients so that you absorb less calories. They prevent the absorption of fats and carbs by inhibiting the enzymes that are responsible for their breakdown. Carb blockers are unhealthy and can prevent your body from absorbing key nutrients. Carb blockers may promote overeating and the evidence supporting thier effectiveness is not clear. For these reasons, carb blockers will avoided in this article.

Lets take a look at some of the best supplements to get shredded.

5 Best Supplements for Lean Muscle

1. VINTAGE BURN Fat Burner

(Category: Thermogenic, Energy Booster, Mood Booster)

Vintage Burn is one of the most successful fat burners on the market. It has by far produced the most amount of satisfied customers. Vintage Burn is made by Old Schools Labs, a company based in California that specialize in all-natural fitness supplements. They claim to produce the world’s first muscle-preserving fat burner. And thousands of customers, including myself, can attest to this claim. The product contains 9 simple and all natural fat burning ingredients—  raspberry ketones, chrysin, caffeine, and 6 extracts (green tea leaf, Green coffee bean, olive leaf, bacopa leaf, garcinia fruit, and forskohlii root extract). Each ingredient is effective in weight loss and is backed by scientific research. As a matter of fact, Vintage Burn contains 5 out of 6 fat burning ingredients that my research suggests are the most effective fat burners (garcinia cambogia extract, caffeine, raspberry ketones, green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, and CLA). Appetite suppression is not as powerful as with the other supplements, which some may prefer.

2. Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner  

(Category: Thermogenic, appetite suppressing, mood boosting)

Burn-XT is another fat burner that has produced an outstanding amount of satisfied costumers. It is great for both men and women and will help you burn fat by boosting your metabolism and suppressing your appetite. The main ingredient, acetyl-l-carnitine, has been a staple in the bodybuilding world for decades due to its ability to help you burn fat and increase your mood and energy. Each serving provides 700mg of acetyl-l-carnitine, 450mg of green tea extracts (thermogenic), 270 mg of caffeine (thermogenic), 50mg of cayenne pepper extract, and 5 mg of black pepper extract. All of these ingredients are natural, safe, and very effective. For more information regarding each ingredient, check out the “Fat Burning Ingredients” section below.

3. Evlution Nutrition Trans4orm

(Category: Thermogenic, appetite suppressing, mood boosting)

Trans4orm is a cognition enhancing, appetite suppressing, metabolism boosting, fat burning powerhouse. This is a supplement that can get you ripped in as little as 4 weeks. On top of being an effective fat burner, it will boost your mental focus and provide a stream of natural and clean energy. What I appreciate most about this brand is its transparency— it contains zero proprietary ingredients making it easy to see exactly what you are getting. It contains many promising fat burning ingredients such as L-carnitine, choline, and L-tyrosine. It also includes natural extracts such as coleus, yohimbe, black pepper, and huperzia serrata extract. If you practice intermediate fasting, this product will work even better as fasting greatly improves the efficiency of yohimbe (23) More information regarding each ingredient can be found below.

4. Nutratech Atrafen Pro-3 in 1 Stimulant Free Fat Burner

Atrafen is a stimulant free fat burner with three functions— fat loss support, gastrointestinal/probiotic support, and full body detoxification. It provides adequate appetite suppression to help you lose weight, a well formulated probiotic blend to help with your digestive health, and a full body detox to kick start your weight loss journey. The appetite suppression blend consists of raspberry ketones, african mango extract, cayenne pepper, citrus pectin, and fennel seed extract— all of which are safe and effective for fat loss! This is a great supplement for those looking to lose weight and improve their overall health. This is also great for those who have bad reactions to caffeine or other stimulants.

5. LEAN PM Night Time Fat Burner

(Category: Appetite Suppressor, Sleep Aid)

LEAN PM is a stimulant-free fat burner and sleep aid. It’s no question that sleep if imperative to muscle recovery and fat loss (19, 21). If you are trying to loss weight but have difficulty falling or staying asleep, LEAN PM may be the best option for you. A combination of melatonin and 5-HTP (a byproduct of the amino acid L-tryptophan) will help you get deep sleep and wake up refreshed. The fat burning ingredients include vitamin B6, Magnesium Citrate, Epigallocatechin gallate, L-theanine, L-leucine, and black pepper fruit extract. While the list is small and seemingly incomplete, the product itself is one of the most successful and highest rated fat burners on the market.

Protein Powders

Protein is the foundation for building muscle. It provides the building blocks, called amino acids, used in the growth, repair, and maintenance of muscle cells. Being one of the three macronutrients, our bodies require a large amount of it. A steady input of protein throughout the day is imperative for building muscle. But consuming an adequate amount of protein from food is very difficult. Even the most professional bodybuilders have trouble. Hence the use of protein shakes. Protein shakes have become so ingrained in fitness culture that it is hard not to imagine ending a workout without a cold, refreshing, nutrient-dense protein shake. If you haven’t already fallen victim to this fad, I highly suggest you get on board. Here is one of the best protein powders to get ripped:

NAKED WHEY 5LB 100% Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder

This is a product that delivers a level of quality and care unseen in the supplement industry. The makers of Naked Whey understand that customers seeking these supplements are very health conscious. And for good reason. With the rise of dangerous supplements, unethical marketing, and straight up false labeling, one cannot help but feel wary. The best way to dispel concerns is to keep and the amount of ingredients low and easily identifiable. Naked Whey, as suggested by the name, is simple, effective, and made from only one key ingredient— 100% Grass-Fed Pure Whey Protein. All other ingredients are GMO-free, growth hormone free, gluten-free, soy-free and sugar free. Each scoop contains 25 grams of protein, less than 3 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fat, and 120 calories. This is a level of perfection only archived by Optimum and Naked.

Everything You Need to Know Regarding Fat Burners

Do Fat Burners Work?

They do, so long as you understand what a fat burner “working” means. Many people are under the impression that fat burners will melt fat away and make you drop 10 pounds each week. If this is what you are expecting, I’m sorry but its not going to happen. Besides, rapid weight loss is unhealthy and unsustainable. If you are losing this much weight a week, you are definitely burning off allot of muscle. The goal here isn’t to lose weight but rather to lose fat. So, what is a healthy and realistic exception? Aim to lose approximately 1-3 pounds of fat per week. Make sure to measure your success on a week-to-week basis as not all days will yield positive results. And don’t get discouraged if you have a bad week! Keep at it and the results will come. Combining a fat burning stimulant with a proper diet regiment and intense cardio routines is a sure fire way to get ripped in no time.

List of Fat Burning Ingredients

Fat burning supplements get you ripped via the three main mechanisms described above. Lets take a look at the key ingredients responsible for these effects.

Note: This section is being revised and will be updated in a few days. Any information you see is accurate and up to date.

African Mango Extract:

Bacopa leaf extract: 

Black Pepper Extract:


Cayenne Pepper Extract: 

Choline: Supplementation with choline has been proven to rapidly reduss body fat with no side effects (13). Interestingly, combining this with L-carnitine seems to have a synergetic effect as they “shift tissue partitioning of carnitine that favors fat mobilization, incomplete oxidation of fatty acids and disposal of their carbons in urine as acylcarnitines in humans” (14).


Citrus Pectin:

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid): CLA is a natural fatty acid found in meat and dairy products. It is marketed as a weight loss supplement that can specifically target adipose tissue. Supplementing 3-6 grams a day for 4-12 weeks has been shown to promote weight loss in moderetyl overwgiht adult (5).  This however does not apply to healthy athletes. There is also some evidence that CLA has “anticancer” properties (6, 7). Overall, CLA isnt the greatest weight loss agent on its own but can be effective when mixed with other ingredients.

Coleus extract: 

Epigallocatechin gallata:

Fennel Seed Extract:

Garcinia Fruit Extract:

Green coffee bean extract:

Green Tea Leaf Extract: Isolated from the Camellia Sinesis plant. It Has been shown to improve metal alertness and mood and can be used for weight management (123).

Huperzia Serrata Extract:

L-Carnitine: L-carnitine is an amino acid derivitive that plays a critical role in energy production. It has been shown to improve brain function (8, 12), burn fat (11), build muscle (9), and improve strength (10). Overall this is one of most promising fat burning agents and has been a staple in the fitness industry for decades.

L-Tyrosine: L-Tyrosine is an amino acid (the building blocks of protein) that is made by the body and found in meats, fish, and dairy products. It is a precusor to important neurtransmitters such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. It is therefore reasonable to assume that supplementation can improve mood and cognition. Studies support this and show that it can alleviate stress (15) and improve memory (16) and wakefulness (17). There are very few studies that link L-Tyrosine, on its own, to weight loss. But studies have shown that stacking it with substances such as caffeine and capsaicin will promote thermogensis (18). Like most fat burning supplements, it is most effective when stacked. Overall, it is most effective for improving cognition and mood.  

Magnesiumm Citrate:

Rasbery Ketones: 

Vitamin B12: Contrary to many claims, there is zero evidence that B12 is has any effect on weight loss. That is, of course, assuming that you are not deficient in B12. If you are, it is best to consult a doctor anyways. Thankfully, there is no risk in taking to much B12.

Vitamin B6:

Yohimbe extract: should be taken fasted.

When Should You Take Fat Burners?

You have three options— upon waking up, before working out, and before going to bed. Fat burners are very stimulating so avoid taking them at night unless specified (such as with LEAN PM). The best time to take a fat burner is 45 mins before you have breakfast, especially if its a thermogenic fat burner. Your metabolism is very slow in the morning as it slows down while you sleep. Taking your fat burner early in the morning will kick start your metabolism and help you burn fat throughout the day. It will also help curb your appetite so you don’t over eat. Even if you workout in the afternoon, its still be to take your fat burner before you have breakfast. But if you require a little extra energy in the gym, take half a serving 30 mins before you workout.

How should you take fat burners?

Just as you would any other pill, 30-45 mins before you have breakfast. The most important thing about taking a fat burner is knowing how to cycle it. Fat burners, and especially thermogenic fat burners, stop working after 4-6 weeks. According to Krissy Kendall, Ph.D. (22), you should always cycle a fat burner as tolerance will build up quickly. Use it everyday for 4-6 weeks, take a few weeks off, then jump back on. Caffeine is a drug and so you may experience some withdrawal symptoms upon stopping. You can alleviate these symptoms by drinking a cup of coffee or taking a caffeine pill.

Do You Need Fat Burners to Get Ripped?

Absolutely not, although they do make the process a lot easier and quicker. Please keep in mind that fat burners are secondary to a good diet. They are not magical pills that will turn you into a super model overnight. They will work amazingly well if you are putting in the work. By that I mean sticking to a solid diet plan and workout routine. Following your plan will be very draining and the extra boost in energy they provide is great. Plus they will help you stick to your diet by suppressing your appetite and will burn off extra fat via thermogenesis. The best fat burning supplements will not get you ripped if your diet regimen is garbage. Your diet, supplementation, and exercise must be in check if you to get ripped.

How Long Do Fat Burners Take to Start Working?

You will feel a fat burner working almost immediately. You will see results on the scale within the first week and visible results in the mirror after two weeks.

Is It Ok to Take Fat Burners While Fasting?

Yes, taking a fat burner while fasting is a good thing! As a matter of fact, you will feel the effects more strongly and it will work better overall. This is especially true if your fat burner contains yohimbine as it more effective when you are in a fasted state (23).

Should I Take Fat Burners on Non Workout Days?

Yes, take your fat burner both on workout days and non workout days. It is best to take your fat burner 30-45 mins before breakfast. If you need an extra push in the gym, take half a serving before breakfast and the other half 30-60 mins before you workout.

Should I take Fat Burners on an Empty Stomach?

Yes, it is best to take your fat burner on an empty stomach.

What Is the Difference Between a Pre Workout and Fat Burner? 

A pre-workout is a bodybuillding supplement dissented to provide an instant boost in energy while a fat burner is a general fitness supplement designed to help you get ripped by suppressing your appetite and/or inducing thermogensis, the build up of heat in the body. Fat burners are very stimulating but much less than pre workouts.

Taking Fat Burner and Pre Workout Together.

Taking a fat burner and pre workout together is not recommended. To much stimulation is dangerous and can cause cardiovascular issues, dizziness, vomiting, and a host of other complications. If you are still adamant on doing so, you must separate the two dosages as much as possible. Take the fat burner first thing in the morning and the pre workout late in the afternoon 30 mins before you workout. Take the smallest pre workout dosage you can. A fat burner is very stimulating and you will find that you don’t need much pre workout.

Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Taking Fat Burner?

Fat burners increase the rate of metabolic activity allowing you body to process more food. This increase in rate may result in stomach pain, diarrhea, and constipation. High amounts of caffeine is known to cause constipation so avoid drinking to much coffee or caffeine containing stimulants. If symptoms persist for more than two days, contact your doctor immediately. Large amount of water is lost with each bowel movement which can result in severe dehydration.

Are There Any Other Side Effects of Fat Burners?

Fat burners are fairly safe and most people experience no side effects. But its still worth mentioning the various symptoms that can be encountered. The side effects of taking a fat burner include increased anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, and dehydration. The most serious being high blood pressure— if you have a predisposition to high blood pleasure please consult with your doctor before using. Stimulants found in fat burners, such as caffeine, are known to increase cortisol levels. So if you suffer from anxiety fat burners may make it worse. These stimulants can also cause insomnia and interrupt your sleep patterns. To avoid this, make sure to take your dosage as early as possible. As already mentioned, caffeine is known to cause constipation and furthermore dehydration. Try to limit or avoid excess intake of coffee or stimulants.

How Long Do Fat Burners Stay in Your System? 

This depends on type of fat burner and the supplements it contains. Most of the ingredients in list above have a half-life between 30 mins and 6 hours. This means that the concentration of most ingredients should be halved by the end of the day and out of your system by the next.


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These fat burners are perfect for those having trouble losing weight. I\'ve been looking everywhere for a supplement that is inexpensive, effective, and most importantly, safe to use! Pin it so that others can benefit!

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