Lower Chest Workout at Home!

Is there anything more impressive as a man than to have a powerful chest? Perhaps a stacked bank account. But other than that, a chiseled chest will carry you pretty far in life and get you noticed on the beach. 

Sections of the chest muscle

When planning your chest workout you must keep in mind there are three sections to your chest. Your pecs are basically divided up into upper, mid, and lower sections.

You must train all sections not only to make your appearance more aesthetically pleasing, but also so you won’t have a weakpoint in your body that could lead to injury later on. 

In fact, many people decide to train chest a couple of days a week. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this as training muscle groups twice a week actually leads to an increase in strength and muscle mass (even more so than training the same muscle group three times a week). When choosing this route, it actually gives you the ability to focus on the different sections of your chest better. 

Here is a lower chest workout you can do completely from home with minimum equipment. If you prefer bodyweight exercises instead, check out this article on the best bodyweight chest exercises. It can be difficult to find time to jump in your car and go to the gym every day, so being able to perform this workout from the comfort of your own home should be a good selling point to all. Plus, you will get results. 

Lower Chest Workout at Home with Dumbbells 

You don’t have to have the largest or most expensive home gym for it to be effective. Most of the time all you really need are dumbbells and a bench (links to the top rated dumbbells and bench on Amazon.com). Here are three lower chest dumbbell exercises that will add mass and definition to your popping pecs. 

Decline Dumbbell Bench Press

Hopefully, when you bought your bench, you went with a sturdy one that can adjust up and down to your needs. The decline press develops your lower chest just like the incline press focuses more on your upper chest. I like to do four to five sets and pyramid up on the weight each time during the decline dumbbell bench press. As an example, my sets look like this. Adjust yours accordingly. 

1st Set: 70 pound dumbbells for 10 to 12 reps

2nd Set: 80 pound dumbbells for 10 reps

3rd Set: 90 pound dumbbells for 8 reps

4th Set: 100 pound dumbbells for 6 reps

5th Set: 110 pound dumbbells for 3 reps

Decline Dumbbell Fly

Don’t get trapped into ego lifting by sacrificing proper form just because you want to go heavier with weight. I often see men do so heavy of flyes in the gym that they limit their full range of motion so they are essentially only doing a bench press instead. Flyes don’t have to be heavy to be very effective. It is the movement that is building up your muscle. Keep your elbows bent and imagine you are putting your arms around a really big tree and giving it a hug. 

1st Set: 45 pound dumbbells for 10 reps

2nd Set: 50 pound dumbbells for 10 reps

3rd Set: 55 pound dumbbells for 10 reps

Dumbbell Chest Pullover

Arnold used to love this exercise. For some reason, you just don’t see too many guys doing it any longer. The dumbbell chest pullover will work your lower chest to your upper chest and even a bit of your core. Pick a weight that you can handle that will not risk injuring your shoulders.

I usually do three to four sets of chest pullovers at 15 reps apiece. Depending on how strong I feel, I might only do it with 30 pounds or go all the way up to 60. It is all about what you feel comfortable with. 

Lower Chest Workout at Home Without Equipment

You can get a great lower chest workout at home without needing any gym equipment. Plus, you don’t need a spotter of any sort. Here are three bodyweight lower chest exercises you can do at home without weights or dumbbells. 

Standard Push Ups

kettlebell push up

I have met numerous people with impressive chests and many will say that they only do push ups and flyes for their chest routine. The old fashioned push up, the one you hated in gym class back in the day, is great for building mass and definition all throughout the chest.

Plus, you can do it practically anywhere. But did you know that the standard push up uses the lower chest and triceps as the primary muscles to force yourself back up into the starting position? Do three sets of standard push ups for as many reps as you can with a short break in between sets. 

Incline Push Ups

Of course, with this workout, you are wanting to work the lower chest and incline push ups will certainly do this. Place your hands up on something higher than the floor while your feet remain planted firmly on the ground.

These are easier than standard push ups as you are moving less of your bodyweight during this exercise. Try to do as many as you can for three sets with a one to two minute break in between. 

Hanging Dips

Hanging dips are often thought of as just a tricep workout, but it involves quite a bit of the lower chest as well. The more you tilt forward while doing the movement, the more your lower chest will be trained.

Just place two chairs about shoulder width apart and complete three sets of hanging dips. If this is the first time you have tried them, you probably won’t be cranking out dozens at a time. But after a while, you could be completing 30 to 50 of these per set. 

Don’t let not being able to go to the gym slow you down with your fitness progress! With these lower chest exercises, you can perform them in any room in your house and still get terrific results!

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Lower Chest Workout at Home!

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