How to Start Going to the Gym Alone Full Guide

How to Start Going to the Gym Alone

Heading to the gym is an important part of getting healthy and fit. Sure, you can workout at home, but most people need the gym since it has all the weights and equipment you could ever need. However, that doesn’t mean going to the gym is easy. Working out alone at the gym can be intimidating! In fact, you may be downright scared to go to the gym alone. If you need help overcoming gym anxiety, here are five tips for how to start going to the gym alone.

1. Do Your Research

How to Start Going to the Gym Alone

The different machines and weights at the gym can be intimidating, especially those that involve pulleys and pins. Before you head to the gym alone, do your research by googling the exercises you want to do. You can find YouTube videos that will show you the proper form for any lift you may want to do. There are also videos and articles that can teach you how to use machines as well!  


2. Go with a Plan

How to overcome gym anxiety

Now that you know how to use the equipment, the next step to going to the gym alone is making a workout plan. We recommend everyone have a plan, because you don’t want to waste your time in the gym. So, make a list of the exercises you want to do and where those weights and machines are. If you are still new to the gym, you may have to wander a little bit, but you can discreetly check out the lay of the land while you warm up.


3. Make a Playlist

If you need motivation to go to the gym alone, then look at it as a time to enjoy an awesome playlist or catch up on a podcast you love. Make sure you have that playlist queued up before you get to the gym since the right music can get you pumped up for just about anything. This is also a great way to distract you from any anxiety you may have about going to the gym alone.


4. Focus on Yourself

How to Start Going to the Gym Alone

It’s easy to feel like everyone is judging you at the gym. You may feel like people are assessing your body, clothes, and technique. The good news is that this isn’t true! Seriously, take a look around and you’ll notice all those ripped guys and girls are checking themselves out in the mirror, not you. And you should do the same! Focus on pushing yourself and having proper form and you’ll forget about any gym anxiety you may have had before you came to the gym alone. 

5. Follow Gym Etiquette

Knowing how to follow gym etiquette is key to learning how to go to the gym alone. Take a towel with you and wipe down any equipment you leave sweaty. Never take too many weights at one time and always put the weights back when you are done. Don’t hog any machines and let someone use it if you need a longer break. Remember that everyone wants to get their workout done quickly and efficiently too!

Learning how to start going to the gym alone can be intimidating. However, if you follow the five steps above, you’ll have no problems. Do your research, have a plan and a playlist, focus on yourself, and be considerate of others. With these tips, you can overcome your gym anxiety in no time. You got this!
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